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The Axio is a revolutionary asset-backed cryptocurrency designed to address many deficiencies found in existing cryptocurrencies, such as a lack of identifiable intrinsic value, extreme volatility, and unsuitability for business operations. The Axio is not simply a cryptocurrency, but a component of a patent pending asset-backed cryptocurrency monetary system. Within this system, it will provide a stable intrinsic value, interest payments, privacy, transparency, secure ownership, free real-time transactions, international borderless transferability and convertibility, a variety of payment methods, free basic account services, and a legal framework. The Axio will be issued as a security under U.S. law with all the advantages that implies. It will provide substantial protection from the problems associated with other cryptocurrencies and the legacy banking system. Given its many advantages, the Axio is positioned to become a dominant player in the race to create the next generation of cryptocurrency. As such, it has enormous potential.

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From the outset, the Axio was designed to be more than an incremental improvement of the current monetary system. It is a revolutionary change, the aim of which is to surpass the current system by delivering previously untenable benefits to individuals and businesses. Here are some of the Axio’s features:


The Axio is a novel asset-backed cryptocurrency modeled on an asset-backed security (ABS). A traditional ABS is a financial security collateralized by assets such as loans. While an ABS is linked to a specified pool of underlying assets priced in a fiat currency, assets issued by the Axios Foundation will be denominated in axios. As a result, unlike an ABS, each Axio, as a security, doesn’t have to be linked to an underlying asset in order to determine its value. And unlike an ABS issued for a pool of underlying assets, the Foundation will issue a number of axios for a single asset corresponding to its face value. The market value of the Axio in terms of fiat currencies will depend on the portfolio of assets held by the Foundation, and a securities market will determine this value by trading the Axio vs. fiat currencies.


The Axios Foundation will grant loans and collect interest on them. Thus, the Axio will be backed by the intrinsic value of borrowers’ efforts to pay off their loans. That is, the Axio will be directly backed by the intrinsic value of work that represents the real value rather than a by-product of work such as gold. And unlike commodity-backed cryptocurrencies that have a fractional reserve value, the Axio will be fully backed by the full faith and credit of the borrowers.

Interest payments

The Foundation will disburse profits from its operations as interest payments to all Axio accounts. The interest payments will be paid on a regular basis, providing an incentive to invest in axios, and keeping them on deposit with the Foundation.


The Axio is backed by the value of loan interest payments that represent a certain amount of work. Since the value of work is a stable commodity, the intrinsic value of the Axio will be stable.

Payment methods

The Axios Foundation will support a variety of payment methods that will allow axios to be used seamlessly, just like any other currency. Among these are the mobile payments that will allow the Foundation to bypass the existing payment infrastructure, and the very high fees associated with it. Additionally, all transactions that do not require a currency conversion will be free for both consumers and retailers.


The Axios Foundation will operate a distributed computer system that will process transactions in real time.


Most cryptocurrencies, like the Bitcoin, provide a publicly available record of all transactions that have ever taken place. Hence they have a low level of privacy, although even with this limitation many people still entrust their financial history to a public blockchain. To address this issue the Axios Foundation will not publish any information relating to accounts. Additionally, the Foundation will not sell or share members’ personal information without explicit permission.


The Axios Foundation will operate openly and transparently to benefit its members. To achieve this, all details of its operations, including operating expenses, outstanding loans, amounts on deposit, amounts in reserves, profits, etc. will be published in a blockchain to show the financial status of the Foundation. The Foundation itself will be democratically operated by its members in a similar way to a credit union.


Because the system is self-contained, accounts managed by the Axios Foundation can be made more secure than regular bank accounts.

Dispute Resolution

Certain business transactions cannot be performed without a legal framework supported by some form of dispute resolution, and an ability to reverse transactions due to error, fraud, etc. This makes dispute resolution a vital component of any monetary system. To allow for dispute resolutions, transactions between Axio accounts will be reversible in whole or in part. To support the dispute resolution process, the Axios Foundation will abide by relevant court decisions, and will also provide arbitration for a fee via smart contracts. The ability to redress grievances will make the Axio similar to a government-issued legal tender, which is something that no other cryptocurrency can offer.


Q: What is the Axios Foundation?

A: The Axios Foundation is a U.S. corporation operating under the U.S. Federal and State regulations. The Foundation will administer the components of a monetary system including account services, lending, trading, and dispute resolution.

Q: What is the Axio?

A: The Axio is an asset-backed cryptocurrency component of a monetary system administered by the Axios Foundation. It is intended to be a security in the U.S. that will be issued in and outside of the U.S. in accordance with the laws of the U.S. and applicable jurisdictions.

Q: How will axios be created?

A: The Axios Foundation will issue and retire axios as loans. The terms of each loan will be published in a blockchain along with all relevant information relating to the loan, including loan payments. At any moment in time, the outstanding loan principal (plus axios issued during the STO) will represent all axios in circulation.

Q: Do axios have a value?

A: The Axio is an asset-backed cryptocurrency collateralized by assets such as loans in a similar way to an asset-backed security.

Q: What will the Axios Foundation do with profits from loans?

A: The Axios Foundation will disburse the excess from the operations to all accounts as interest payments in the form of axios.

Security Token Offering  

Securities offered in this STO are restricted exclusively to U.S. accredited investors, Non-U.S. investors, and institutional investors in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Regulation D, Rule 506(c). If you are not certain whether you are a qualified investor in your country of residence, please seek legal advice before investing in this STO.

The “Axio Token”, as initially-offered in this STO, will carry no intrinsic mechanism for the payment of distributions or financial returns of any kind. The Axios Foundation expects to convert the initially-sold Tokens to one or more classes of replacement tokens culminating in the “Axio”, which will be functional on the company’s yet-to-be developed Platform. 


Apr. 2, 2020 - Apr. 30, 2020

20% discount bonus
Soft Cap: $250,000 USD
Hard Cap: $1,000,000 USD

STO Sale

May. 1, 2020 - Hard Cap

Soft Cap: $15,000,000 USD
Hard Cap: $20,000,000 USD

The foregoing does not contain all of the information you should consider before investing in the Axio Tokens. You should carefully consider the entire Axio Token Terms of Sale agreement, including the risks involved, before making an investment decision. The foregoing is subject to change at the Company's discretion.


Henry Gleizer

Founder & CEO

30+ years’ experience in software project management, banking and trading systems development

Oleg Kondratyev


20+ years' of software development and architecture in financial services' companies

Roman Kravchenko


attorney with 10+ years' of experience

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