The Axios Foundation project roadmap consists of a number of stages, with the implementation phase of the project expected to take one year. The following is the list of project’s major milestones. Note that all projected dates are tentative and are subject to change without notice.

2019 Q1

Initial phase of the project:

 Register Axios Foundation as a U.S. corporation.

Register the intellectual property rights including a trademark.

 Define the legal structure of the project.

 Produce a whitepaper.

 Create the graphic design for the logos and the monetary symbol.

 Create a website design.

 Produce an infomercial.

 Develop the website.

 File a provisional patent application.

2019 Q2

Preparations for an Offering:

 Prepare the Axio Token Terms of Sale document.

 Implement infrastructure for the Security Token Offering.

 Integrate support for accreditation verification and Token sales.

 File a patent application.

2019 Q4

Project announcement:

Prepare a marketing campaign.

2020 Q1

Security Token Offering:

 Marketing campaign.

 Hold a limited time discounted presale.

 Hold a Security Token Offering.

2020 Q4

Finalize the company’s legal structure and if necessary:

 Apply for state money transmitter licenses (MTLs).

 Apply for a money services business (MSB).

 Apply for a New York State BitLicense.

 Apply for state non-bank lending licenses, or a banking license.

 Apply for a broker-dealer (FINRA/SEC) license.

 Register an alternative trading system (ATS).

 File an SEC registration or a Reg. A+ exemption to allow initial operations.

2020 Q4

Requirements and specifications for:

 Accounts management and services.

 Alternative trading system and brokerage.

 Payment methods.

 Dispute resolution.

 Accounting and compliance.

2021 Q1

Development of platform’s core components:

 Account services.

 Payment processing.

 Support for payment apps and cards.

 Accounting and compliance.

 Exchange order matching and settlement.

 Dispute resolution platform.

2021 Q4

System and stress test.

2021 Q4

The official launch.

Note: The checkmarked items above were completed.